Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New rule and a new pet.

I'm instating a new rule upon myself where I have to update this blog at least once a week.
I've been slacking severely and needs to stop. Too many video games, I need to limit myself.
On the plus to that, I've got myself and my girlfriend a new pet from my friend Shamus.
He's an adorable little Hedgehog named Gin.

Shamus had gotten him several months prior to me now having him, but what with his new job dealy and Rocket his Chinchilla plus two bearded dragons, and generally wanting to play guitar when he gets home as he has to shut down early, he just doesn't have the time to give Gin the love and attention he needs, so now we've got him so we can do just that.
He's rather skittish and huffy, but that's to be expected, he'll learn we mean him no harm and just want to squeal with delight at him just being a thing.
Likely he'll learn with some delicious food involved, thrown in sometimes in between the catfood he normally eats.

I've also made a wonderfully hard to look at image with photoshop, I'm not sure if I'm quite done with it yet, just some minor tweaks, but I have it mostly done.

I've also got a wonderful little Easel box my wonderful girlfriend got me for my birthday coming up, it holds all 0f my paints, pastels and some smaller canvas, and it, itself becomes my easel to work on.
So I must practice my painting, for I need to paint cool pictures to hang on our too bare walls.

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